NTSKC 手機鈴聲王之廣告價目表
Advertisement Price List

Our history:
Since year 2002, this website has been established and we have more then 1036938 visitors visit our site since the site is being launched.
This site contain more then 1000 over ringtones and support more then 30 types of handphone include 12 well know handphone manufacture.
Nokia,Motorola,Panasonic,Sharp,BenQ,LG,Samsung,Siemens,Sony Ericsson,Alcatel,OKWap and NEC
Daily, we received average 1300 of visitor per day(based on 1 IP) from the country around Asia and the record is keep growing up.
This site also get into the world website ranking (provide by Alexa) at 21,028 place on 29-7-2004.
Most of our site visitor is teenager and from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Macau and other country.
We also have our own ringtone composer group to provide the latest chinese hitz song.
We DO NOT CHARGE our site visitor for the ringtone.
So, this is a nice and good place for you to expend your business by place your banner in our site.

Below is the package we offer:

Package Banner A (480x55)
1 年/ 1 year : RM100 or USD 30

Package Banner B (120x60)
1 年/ 1 year : RM50 or USD 15

banner A&B

Package Banner C (120x60)
1 年/ 1 year : RM20 or USD 8

Package Banner D (480x55)
1 年/ 1 year : RM80 or USD 25

banner C&D

*Special Package-If you want to make your banner(banner A only) being seen in our top 5 pages(Male singer,Female singer,Group singer,Others Tone,Main Page),
annual fee will be RM450(RM90/page)
*如果要在主要的5頁(男歌手,女歌手,組合歌手,其他鈴聲,首頁)刊登Banner A,

Our Own Site Statistics:
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Your order is still in the PENDING status after you make the payment. Order validation process will be taken within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) and for Saturday and Sunday orders will be processed on Monday.
Upon receive the validation email from us, you may send us your banner and we will upload it to our server and place it.

***Banner should be design by your own company***

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